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Baker College Online MBA Programs

Baker College Online, headquartered in Michigan, is a part of the Baker College system which was founded in 1911. Baker College is one of America's largest private college systems serving over 32,000 students. Baker is a career college.

Instead of turning you into a professional student, Baker will turn you into a professional. Their goal is to prepare you for a great career and help you find a good job or advance your current career in the shortest possible time. Baker College Online is unique. Most of the degree programs are available 100% online over the Internet and can be taken from a PC with an Internet connection.

Baker Online currently boasts thousands of students attending class from the comfort of their own homes. Another Baker advantage is the tuition, which is often less than half that of other online colleges. While the tuition is lower, the quality of your education and training remains high. Employers recognize that; 99% of Baker Online available graduates are employed.

Baker Online MBA Degrees
Master of Business Administration Marketing MBA
MBA Leadership Studies
MBA International Business
MBA Industrial Management
Human Resource Management MBA
MBA Health Care Management
MBA General Business
Finance MBA
Computer Information Systems MBA
Accounting MBA




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