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Accounting MBA at Baker College

Master of Business Administration Accounting MBA at Baker College

Accounting Master of Business Administration
The MBA accounting from Baker College concentration is a program of advanced accounting classes for managers that have undergraduate degrees in accounting and want to take additional classes in subjects that are critical in their work situations. The accounting MBA is designed to provide a balanced broad education and an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical concepts of accounting. Students enrolling in this concentration must have a minimum of 16-quarter hours of undergraduate accounting. This would include at least eight-quarter hours of principles of accounting and at least four hours of intermediate accounting.

Specialized Courses for Accounting MBA

Focuses on special studies related to tax problems of individuals, partnerships, fiduciaries, and corporations. Emphasis is on federal taxation of corporations, trusts, and estates. Specific use of the Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Service Regulations will be an integral part of this course.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Consolidations
Studies entities and special transactions not covered in Financial Accounting. Particular emphasis is given to partnership equity accounting, accounting by agencies and branches, business combinations, and reporting by parent-subsidiary consolidated entities (including foreign subsidiaries).

Non-Profit Accounting
Consists of a comprehensive study of the recording of transactions by government units and the preparation of financial statements by fund entities. City government is the basic unit of study; however, school districts, universities, and hospitals are covered to illustrate the similarity in accounting for all not-for-profit entities.

Global Accounting
Explores the impact of the cultural, social, legal, political, and economic conditions that shape the national accounting standard-setting process of the different countries with a focus on accounting practices of vital countries with diverse cultures and legal environments. The purposes of and attempts at classification of countries by their accounting characteristics are examined. The purposes and progress of regional and international harmonization programs are discussed with a focus on the international accounting standards and their impact on the economic consequences of multinational corporations. Attention is given to the accounting problems facing multinational corporations using case studies. These include foreign currency translation, auditing in the international environment, transfer pricing, international taxation, global managerial planning and control and analyzing foreign financial statements.

Financial Accounting
Provides students with an understanding and the opportunity to prepare financial accounting statements on the past performance and projected future performance of profit-oriented businesses and nonprofit organizations. Students will also learn to evaluate and efficiently use financial accounting statements to identify business problems and profit from business strengths. Students will write a project report on how he or she could use some of the principles of financial accounting to improve the financial performance of a company or organization.

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