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MBA Leadership Studies at Baker College

Master of Business Administration MBA Leadership Studies at Baker College

The Leadership Studies MBA at Baker College is designed for individuals who aspire upper level administrative and management positions. In addition to the core MBA courses, students are exposed to specific leadership issues and theories designed to develop leaders with vision and problem-solving skills who can effectively lead an organization in today's global environment.

Specialized Courses for Leadership Studies MBA

Dynamics of Leadership
Examines many of the issues within the leadership area including: managing cultural diversity, TQM, team building, project management, negotiations, the role and responsibilities of the leader, theories, techniques, practical application of leadership/followership, supervision, management, stress management, problem solving, concepts of human behavior, standards of discipline, effective counseling techniques, and evaluation of social issues facing the workforce. This course also examines the evolution of leadership thought, the various methods for improving the worker performance through analytical decision making, and current issues in leadership.

Leadership Theory and Practice
Examines current thinking about the concept of leadership. This course is intended for people who aspire to become leaders or expect to deal with them in all areas of the sociocultural systems of the world. The one area where leadership seems to manifest itself is in organizations including business firms, public agencies, the military, the political and social arena (including movements or causes), school, churches, and volunteer groups. While the primary focus of this course is on the development of an understanding and interpretation of the various theories and models of leadership, particular attention is given to examining the leadership style employed, in context, by a variety of recognized individuals from all areas.

Evolution of Leadership Thought
Examines contemporary management processes from a management history perspective. This course will provide a good understanding of the historical base of contemporary management necessary in understanding today's contemporary business processes.

Profiles in Leadership
Explores leadership styles through leaders' biographies covering several management eras. This course will include a global view of leadership. A leadership profile instrument will assist students in determining his or her own leadership potential.

Team Leadership - Group Dynamics
Provides an in-depth look at internal processes and procedures as well as the interaction of various work groups within an organization. Emphasis will be placed on the newest concepts as well as more tried-and-trued management and leadership techniques in a group setting.

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