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General Business MBA Degree Program

Ellis College MBA Programs

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General Business Studies MBA
The Ellis College General Business MBA prepares you with the skills and knowledge you need for managing individuals and running organizations. While studying for your accredited MBA online, you'll learn how to design, evaluate, and improve the processes and procedures that compose businesses. You'll also learn how to put together sound business tactics and strategies that are grounded in solid economic principles. And you'll have the opportunity to explore advanced concepts through your elective courses. Whether you're searching for a long distance MBA program, or just prefer the flexibility of online learning, Ellis College gives you everything you want from a respected, online MBA school.

In addition to the core courses listed here, you are required to take three electives. To see the electives, select one of the specialized MBA progams.

Managerial Marketing
This course focuses on analyzing the marketing environment, including customers and competition, as well as how the marketing efforts align with the strategic goals of the company. Students learn to determine which customers should be targeted in the marketing effort, choose which products the company should offer, establish how and when customers will be informed about the product, determine the best pricing strategy for a product and decide the best way to get the product to market.

Accounting for Managers
This course focuses on how managers use corporate accounting information for making business decisions. Major topics include the use of financial statements and accounting information to determine profitability and financial performance, risk, differences in structure and business models, and the relationship of cash flow statements to the balance sheet and income statements, and the use of ratios to assess the quality of a company's accounting information, and the use of internal operating metrics.

Managerial Corporate Finance
This course introduces the fundamental financial concepts managers use to make crucial corporate investment decisions. Students will also encounter important concepts such as free cash flow and the cost of capital. Students will learn to use techniques such as net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), capital budgeting, and regression output to distinguish between systematic and unsystematic risk.

Managing Organizations
This course focuses on problem solving techniques that take into consideration considers all aspects of the organization: the people, informal organization, work, formal organization, and external culture. Students are introduced to a process to identify management problems through root-cause analysis, diagnose the causes of the problems, recommend solutions, and plan implementation.

Global Operations Management
Major topics include engineering business processes, choosing the right architecture for production systems, capacity sizing and timing, lead time management, and supply chain management.

Managerial Decision Models
Many decision situations such as optimization and risk lend themselves to quantitative modeling. The first major topic is optimization using linear programming, non-linear programming and integer programming with the Excel add-in Solver. The other major topic is Monte Carlo simulation using the Excel add-in Crystal Ball to analyze decisions involving uncertainty and risk.

Economics for Managers
Major topics include profit-maximization for a competitive firm, economic allocation of costs, price discrimination and other pricing strategies, pricing with market power, and an introduction to game theory.

Global Environment of Business
This course introduces the student to an integrated framework for global management. This framework focuses on the relationships between organizational structure, environment (market and non-market), and strategy-the Organization-Environment-Strategy ("OES") triangle. This approach offers managers a systematic way of thinking about basic global strategy decisions and key tradeoffs.

Managerial Strategy
Major topics include industry analysis, six forces analysis, identifying competitive advantages, and strategy evaluation.

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