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Online Conflict Management MBA Degrees

Masters of Business Administration Degree in Conflict Management has become a high demand in today’s fast changing business world. This degree will help graduates develop the necessary skills needed for their future career. The program’s training inculcates practical experience and theoretical foundation that students need in order to become more effective in specific skills such as managing, mediating, negotiating and communicating. The students will be exposed to activities which will include lectures, group discussions, and many practice mediation sessions. The courses in the MBA in Conflict Management Program will generally include negotiation, conflict resolution, technical writing, contract writing, communication, mediation, ethics & moral Issues, nonviolence tactics, human rights & race relations, conflict management - cross cultural and economics & foreign policy.

Similar to other MBA programs, an MBA in Conflict Management Program lasts for approximately two years. However, students will have to go full time in the winter, spring and fall semesters to complete it in two years. Meanwhile, some universities offer more options, such as part-time programs, but these will take more than just two years to complete.

A career in Master of Business Administration in Conflict Management can be fulfilling if you desire to create a more productive and peaceful global community. You will succeed if you have a natural ability to make good judgments and communicate well with various types of people.

Graduates of an MBA in Conflict Management program will be able to provide a variety of desirable skills to their employers. They are able to write needed resolution policies, understand and apply a variety of negotiating tactics, set up guidelines for dealing with negotiation and conflict, communication well with all races, genders and types of individuals and work on a global level

The graduates of the program will be able to work in nearly every field including Law, Human Capital, Organized Labor, Medicine, Psychology, Government, Politics, Protective Services, and Education.

The salary or earnings of the Master of Business Administration in Conflict Management Graduates with an entry level position as a negotiation and conflict management diploma usually starts at approximately 40,000.00 USD annually according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Adding an MBA Degree to your qualifications can easily enable you to shift into the median pay bracket of 80,000 USD annually and eventually into the top 10% of $116,000.00 annually. Salaries may vary on some factors including on where you work. Those who work in for-profit companies make more money than those who work in non-profit agencies. People who hold MBA in Conflict Management can demand over a 6-figure income for supervisor positions in privately held companies.

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