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Online International Business MBA Degree

MBA Degree – International Business
A Master of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business will advance your career in business with an education on how the global marketplace works.  If you have a bachelor’s degree in a business-related major and have some business experience, this degree would help you get ahead in a company that has worldwide interests.  An MBA in International or Global business can give you the skills and knowledge necessary to build relations with foreign suppliers on behalf of a company, or manage an overseas office in a domestic company looking to expand its markets.  With enough experience, you could even become an advisor to the federal government.

International and global businesses are becoming more and more common as the world shrinks through the use of the Internet, and as more countries become partners in the global supply chain.  Free market trade practices also require that much more cooperation between nations and companies is necessary in order to keep goods and services moving around the globe.  This situation necessitates that executives in most companies that want to do business anywhere have to understand how different economies work and how to conduct business with other nations.  This involves not only be aware of international trading laws, but also the customs and cultures of foreign nations in order to trade productively.

Earning an MBA in International Business will provide you with the opportunity to learn the skills needed to pursue a career in management for a global organization.   This will include learning how to build strong global brands, what business and environmental issues are important to other countries, how entrepreneurial design is important for product affordability, how global operations differ from country to country, and how to achieve growth and stability in a global economy.
In an MBA International Business degree program, you will first take traditional MBA classes and then focus on a global business curriculum.  You will need to take the GMAT test and have a bachelor’s degree to get admitted, and experience in the field of business is recommended.  MBA classes may include classes like Business Management, Human Capital Management, Business Law, Organizational Leadership, Economics, Financial Accounting, Applied Business Research and Statistics, Operations Management, Financial Management, Marketing, and Strategic Planning and Implementation.

Global business classes may include Global Business, International Marketing Management, International Strategic Management , Cross-Cultural Communication and Management , International Business Transactions, International Corporate Finance, International Advertising, Global E-Business Marketing, Global Financial Reporting, Valuation in Emerging Economies, Debt Markets, Investment Management and Entrepreneurial Finance,  International Financial Management, Global Project Finance, Growth and Stabilization in the Global Economy, The International Economy: Policies and Theory, Building Strong Global Brands, Channels Management, Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability, Environmental Science for Managers and Policy Makers, Value Chain Strategies, Global Operations, and Politics and Business in Europe.  Not all of these classes are required because some are electives, but this is definitely a comprehensive degree for anyone who wants to go into international business.  A capstone project is also required to be completed in order to graduate.

Career Opportunities for the International Business Manager
Career opportunities for the international business manager exist at the executive level in any business that has offices or clients in more than one country.  This can mean traveling and living abroad, and there are many exciting positions in all industries for someone with an MBA in international business.   

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