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Online Finance & Accounting MBA Degree Programs

Regis University MBA

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Master of Business Administration Finance & Accounting Regis University

The Master of Business Administration in Finance & Accounting from Regis University prepares students for a larger role in managing a company's fiscal policy and operations - while developing expertise in key financial areas, as well as integral business and leadership skills. The curriculum, taken in the track progression listed below, is comprised of 11 8-week courses that are structured so that one course builds upon the mastery of other courses and emphasizes the integration of course materials to insure a cohesive, coordinated learning experience.

Courses for Finance & Accounting MBA

Essentials of Business Development I & II
Using a comprehensive case analysis studying a startup medical supply company as a framework, this course introduces students to basic concepts and principles of macro and micro economics, business uses of accounting principles for financial statement preparation and management information, key components of business finance, financial statement analysis, capital budgeting fundamentals, asset management techniques, the basics of cash management, statistical modeling, probability theory, estimation and regression, principles of marketing, analysis of markets and pricing and distribution decisions.

The Economics of Management
Examines the range of economic assumptions in an environment of rapid change from the perspective of the manager. Utilizes methods, concepts and models deriving from microeconomics, macroeconomics and international economics in quantitative and qualitative aspects. Stresses the convergence of economic systems, the increasing importance of regionalism and the emergence of a truly global economy. Emphasizes national income determination, economic growth, the theory of the firm, a changing production process and global economics.

The Ethical & Legal Environment of Business
Examines the social and governmental structure within which business operates. Focuses on effective and ethical strategies for addressing issues of public concern, including labor and employment law, administrative agency procedures, public issues management, product liability, and social contract, agency, stakeholder models of corporate responsibility.

Issues in International Business
Examines issues essential to an understanding of international business activity. Includes the nature of international business, international economic institutions and issues, international monetary issues, government activity affecting international trade, social and cultural effects on international business, human resource management and other related issues.

Financial Decision Making
Examines the use of financial theories and techniques in making financial decisions under conditions of uncertainty. Emphasizes the critical evaluation of concepts to assess their usefulness in practical business situations. Uses computer applications to solve practical problems.

Interpreting Accounting Information
Focuses on the understanding of financial statement analysis from a managerial perspective. Presents standard accounting analysis and modern developments in a practical, intuitively accessible fashion. Emphasizes cash-flow analysis and the cash-flow consequences of business activity.

Investments & Portfolio Management
Provides an understanding of the kinds of analysis and techniques used by individual investors and professional money managers to decide on investment objectives and select possible investment alternatives.

Case Studies in Management Accounting
Develops students' management accounting techniques and skills needed to make ethical profit-maximizing decisions. Emphasizes data selection, analysis, decision-making and evaluation of results in complex, realistic situations.

Case Studies in Financial Management
Students apply the principles of business finance to business decision-making using the case method of instruction.

Marketing Management
Uses case analysis to explore the application of marketing principles to the basic product and service decisions of the firm. Includes product development; pricing and distribution; changing attitudes and habits of buyers; market definition and forecasting and the impact of such forces as product technology, advertising and computer behavior on the product life cycle.

Strategies in a Global Environment
Examines the influence of international economic, political, business and financial factors on the long range planning of the firm. Includes the impact on business of global competition, multicultural human resource management, domestic and foreign government policy, global marketing and product development, international capital markets and regional trading blocs such as the EC or NAFTA.

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